Doratoon User guide

How to use Doratoon? Check below step by step.

AI Intelligent Drawing

Doratoon has a unique feature, usually not found in most of its competitors, called AI Intelligent Drawing. The tool uses artificial intelligence (AI) to assess what you are about to draw, and based on that prediction, it suggests various shapes and icons. When you click any of those pre-created photos, your hand-drawn sketch automatically converts into that picture. Once created, you can decorate the image by filling colors to it, and adding other complementing elements to the Canvas.

You can learn how to create an AI drawing and coloring it by following the step-by-step instructions given below:

Step 1: Select the AI Intelligent Drawing Tool

After starting a new Doratoon project, make sure that at least one scene page is present in the center area. Next, click the AI smart drawing tool from the toolbox above the Canvas.


Step 2: Customize the Tool’s Preferences

Click the Color square, choose a different color if you want from the Pick Color box that appears, and then close the box. Next, use the available slider to define the thickness of the pencil tool that will be used to draw the shapes.


Step 3: Create AI Intelligent Drawing

Drag the mouse on the Canvas to draw a rough shape of the object that you want to add to the presentation. Notice that the AI smart drawing tool suggests a couple of shapes in the bar above the toolbox. Now, click any picture from the available ones to automatically add it to the Canvas. Click Finish from the top-right corner of the Canvas to come out of the AI smart drawing mode.

Note: The AI smart drawing feature is available only for the VIP members who have purchased Doratoon’s subscription plan.


Step 4: Color the AI Intelligent Drawing

Select the object that you created using AI smart drawing tool on the Canvas, and use the tools present in the right pane to color the picture and add other effects to it as needed.

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