Doratoon User guide

How to use Doratoon? Check below step by step.

Download a Video from Doratoon

Being equipped with a simple and intuitive interface and self-explanatory tools, Doratoon offers a decent platform for video editing enthusiasts. After you have uploaded a video to the portal and have made all the necessary changes to it, you can export the clip by clicking ‘Export’ from the top-right corner of the page.

Once exported, Doratoon even allows you to download the video to your PC so you can use it in your other projects in offline mode.

Assuming that you have already exported a Doratoon footage, the following steps explain how you can download the video to your PC quickly and easily:

Step 1: Get to the My videos Section

Open your preferred web browser (Google Chrome is highly recommended), and go to the link. From the Mine category that is present in the navigation pane on the left, click My Videos.

Step 2: Ensure the Availability of the Video

On the My videos section, go to the My Works tab (if not already there) from the top of the right window, and make sure that the modified video you exported is present.

Step 3: Download the Video

Hover the mouse over the thumbnail of the video, and click the Download icon from the options that appear at the down-right corner of the image to download the video from Doratoon.

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