Doratoon User guide

How to use Doratoon? Check below step by step.

How to Add and Edit Videos

Doratoon offers an easy way to add your own videos to the animations that you create using the portal. When some filters and effects like blur, opacity level, etc. are applied to such clips, they can be used as live backgrounds, thus making the final presentation look more appealing, engaging, and professional.

The following process teaches how to add and edit custom videos to Doratoon while working on a draft:

Step 1: Prepare the ‘Work’

After you have started a new draft on Doratoon, make sure that Scene is selected in the toolbox on the left, and click to choose the scene page you want to add a video to.


Step 2: Upload a Video

Select Prop from the toolbox, click Upload from the top of the gallery, click Video from the menu that appears, and choose and upload a video from your local computer to Doratoon. After uploading, you can go to Mine from the toolbox, ensure that the Uploaded tab is selected in the center pane, and click to expand the Video(Less than 60s) category to access all the uploaded videos that are less than 60 seconds in duration.


Step 3: Edit the Video

Select the video that you added to the Canvas, and use the side handles to increase or decrease its size. You can manage the length of the video by dragging either end of the media in the Timeline at the bottom. Furthermore, you can click the Clipping length icon from the floating toolbox that appears above the footage when it is selected in the Canvas, on the editing box that comes up next, use the trimming handles at either ends of the media for granular editing, and click OK to save the changes when you are done.


Step 4: Apply Effects and Filters

While keeping the video selected in the Canvas, use the options and sliders in the right pane to apply your preferred effects to the clip to make it look blended with the presentation.

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