Doratoon User guide

How to use Doratoon? Check below step by step.

How to Export a Video

Because Doratoon enables you to import custom objects such as photos, music files, and videos from your local storage, the web app can be used as a video editor where you can upload your footage, make the required modifications, and export the final output in your preferred resolution. The process of doing all this is extremely simple, and is given below:

Step 1: Import a Video to Doratoon

Launch your favorite web browser (Google Chrome is highly recommended), go to, and start a new project. On the main project’s interface, choose any tool from the toolbox on the left (Prop is selected here), click Upload from the top of the center pane, click Video, and locate and upload a video from your PC.

Step 2: Make Necessary Changes

After the video is added to the Canvas, make sure that it is selected, and use the scaling handles at each corner to increase or decrease the size of the frame. Furthermore, you can also use the tools present in the floating toolbar above the video frame to make the required modifications such as trimming, managing volume, etc.

Step 3: Export the Video

After you are done editing, click Preview from the top-right corner of the page to review the changes that you have made. Once found acceptable, close the Preview window, and click the Export button present next to Preview at the top-right corner. On the Set export information page, turn on the Use it as cover for MP4 video on local computer switch (optional), choose any of the suggested images to use as a thumbnail, populate the Title, Tag, and Description fields with the relevant information, define the watermark setting and pick your preferred resolution from the Watermark and Definition sections respectively, and click OK to export the modified footage.

Step 4: Access Exported Video

The exported videos can be found under the My Works tab of the My videos section.

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