Doratoon User guide

How to use Doratoon? Check below step by step.

How to Use AI Intelligent Dubbing

Doratoon has a built-in AI synthesis tool that uses artificial intelligence to convert your text content into speech. This is helpful when you don’t want to use your voice to record the audio, and also when you need a globally acceptable dialect.

The instructions given below teach how to use AI synthesis to convert your text into voiceover:

Step 1: Add Some Objects to the Scene Page

After starting a new work, use the left bar to add a couple of elements to the scene page. This is important because having a blank screen with only some voice narration would look awkward.

Step 2: Launch AI synthesis

Click the Format painter icon from the standard toolbar at the top, and click AI synthesis from the available options the come up. When the scope box appears, either click current page or full video to specify whether the voiceover should be audible only on the current scene page or throughout the video respectively.


Step 3: Set Up Speech Preferences

Click to open the Voice center list, and choose a character whose voice you want to add. You can click the small play button next to the name of each character to preview their voice before making a selection. Next, use the Speed slider to define the tempo of the speech.


Step 4: Enter the Text and Convert to Audio

Type your text in the available input field. Once done, click Audio preview to listen to the speech and see if it is acceptable. Once everything is good, click Add to video to add the voiceover to the presentation.

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