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How to use Doratoon? Check below step by step.

Material Alignment with Adsorption

Doratoon makes your alignment processes extremely easy with the help of the adsorption function. Furthermore, you can even turn on the visibility of the grid lines, and use the alignment buttons to make the elements on the Canvas correctly and precisely align with the other objects to bring consistency and professionalism to your videos.

You can learn how to use the adsorption function, enable or disable grid lines, and use the alignment buttons in Doratoon by following the instructions given below:

Working with Adsorption

Adsorption allows the objects to snap to the other objects or gridlines for perfect alignment. By default, this feature is turned on in Doratoon. However, if you want to know how to take control of it, i.e., to enable or disable it at your will, the process is as follows:

Step 1: Add Two Objects to the Canvas

After starting a new draft, use the categories present on the left to add at least two objects to the scene page.


Step 2: Confirm the State of Adsorption Feature

Make sure that the Snap alignment (Magnet) button present in the toolbar at the top of the Canvas is enabled. This button works as a toggle switch, where clicking it once disables the adsorption feature, and clicking it again turns the snapping function on.


Step 3: Check the Adsorption Feature

While leaving the Snap alignment button enabled, drag an object on the Canvas closer to the second one. Notice the thin green line that appears when you move the second element somewhere near the first object. Also notice that the second object snaps to a particular position, i.e., when it is somewhere at the center-left, center-right, top, or bottom of the first element.

Note: The snapping feature won’t work when you turn the Snap alignment button off.


Enable or Disable the Grid Lines

Grids are the temporary horizontal and vertical lines that help you align the objects with precision. These lines don’t appear on the rendered videos, and are only visible on the Canvas to aid the alignments. By default, the grids are turned off in Doratoon. The process to enable and work with them is as follows:

Step 1: Enable the Grids

After starting a new draft, click the Grid lines button from the toolbar at the top of the Canvas. Notice how the entire scene page gets populated with several horizontal and vertical lines. Also, notice that the horizontal and vertical lines at the center of the Canvas are thicker than the other ones.

Note: Clicking the Grid lines button again turns off the grids.


Step 2: Add and Snap an Object

Add an object using the method explained earlier. Now, select the object on the Canvas, and drag it somewhere closer to the thick grid line at the center. Notice how the object snaps to the grid as soon as it gets near the center gridline.

Note: This adsorption feature won’t work if you turn off the Snap alignment button.


Use the Alignment Buttons

Alignment buttons make your task easier by aligning the objects on the Canvas with a single click. However, because the tool doesn’t know where you want to position the elements, there are only limited options when it comes to auto-alignment.

For instance, the buttons can only help you align the objects to the top, bottom, vertical-center, horizontal-center, etc. on the Canvas. For other positions and/or alignments, you must drag the objects manually to your preferred location on the screen.

The process of using the alignment buttons is as follows:

Step 1: Add an Object to the Canvas

Use the method explained earlier to add an object to the scene page.

Step 2: Use the Alignment Buttons

Select the object on the Canvas, make sure that the Style tab is selected from the top of the right pane, and click your preferred alignment icon present right below the name of the tab. Feel free to try all the available alignment options to get comfortable with the feature.

Note: At the time of this writing, Doratoon doesn’t allow you to align two objects with each other using the alignment buttons. These buttons help you align the objects only to the specific areas on the Canvas.

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