Doratoon User guide

How to use Doratoon? Check below step by step.

The Layer Set

As it is with any other professional animation tool, even Doratoon offers a layered approach where you can add each element on its own layer on a scene page. Furthermore, you can even set a background, and can use the Layer panel to move the layers of the elements up or down as needed.

You can learn how to manage layers, and how to set a background layer in Doratoon by following the instructions given below:

How to Set Layer

Step 1: Add Multiple Elements to the Scene Page

After opening a new work in Doratoon, when you are on the main interface, make sure that at least one blank scene page is present in the Scene pane. Next, use the available tools in the left bar to add a couple of objects to the page.


Step 2: Get to the Layer Panel

Click anywhere on the scene page to make sure that none of the elements is selected. Now, click the Layer tab from the top of the right pane to get to the Layer panel.

Step 3: Adjust the Layers

Click and drag the elements in the Layer panel up or down to arrange their order. For instance, in the given illustration, you can drag the Image layer below the Lottie layer so the head of the character comes on top of the ellipse image. Alternatively, you can click the Layer icon from the standard toolbar at the top to get to the floating Layer setting panel. You can change the order of the layers from here as well.

Note: If you don’t want to mess up the arrangement of the other objects, you can click the Lock icon next to each of them in the Layer panel to lock their layer.


How to Set Background Layer

Step 1: Select a Scene Page

Select Scene from the left bar, and from the center pane, click to select the scene page you want to set a background layer for.

Step 2: Choose a Background

Select Background from the left bar, from the Scene pane at the center, click to expand the category background of which you want to use, and click a background from the available images. Optionally, you can click Upload from the top of the center pane to upload your custom image. Likewise, you can collapse all the expanded categories, and click BG color from the top to use a solid color for the background.


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